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cool and relevant ppt presentation but jsyk, the term “ethnic cleansing” is a gross euphemism for “genocide”.

THIS. Thank you. This isn’t a “conflict,” this isn’t a complex issue. I was discussing it with a friend earlier - if you want to put this into perspective, view it as the modern day creation of the United States. What could only complicate this, is that it’s condoned legally and promoted through state-sponsored programs. 

THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for explaining it like this. I have googled until my fingers were blue and everything is so biased on the internet. Now….Why is America supporting Israel again?

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Omg look at petas response
Holy shit what the fuck burn them omg

so when we say fuck PETA you know where we’re coming from

When it comes down to it, considering the fact that they kill most of the animals they’re “saving”, they objectify women in most of their ads, and they don’t give a shit about POCs being harmed for their food, the only population PETA cares about is white American vegan men. That’s funny - sounds like almost everyone else.

Not surprised.


Reasons I fucking hate PETA number 340596930

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