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New from me at Rare: I’m a Christian and I want to end the drug war

This week’s column at Rare is about why, as a Christian, I support ending the war on drugs. (I figured it was an appropriate topic given that yesterday was Easter and 4/20 both.) Check it out:

Read the whole thing here.


April 21st 2014: The third strike in three days killed up to four people as part of an ongoing operation against suspected Al Qaeda members in Shabwa and Al Bayda. The nighttime strike consisted of two missiles being fired at a pickup truck on a desert road, with witnesses reporting an unmarked helicopter landing later at the scene to retrieve the bodies. #drone #drones #yemen (at Usylan, Shabwa Province)

Screw it. Good for Kennedy.




Maybe because I expected this fight to be lackluster since it was announced (It’s a fight between Kennedy and Bisping damn it), the….suckiness of the fight didn’t bother me as much.

That was the most flustered I’ve ever seen Bisping in a fight he didn’t get knocked the fuck out in. Kennedy proved that it wasn’t just Rockhold and Jacare that Strikeforce middleweight division. Doesn’t mean the fight was great or that either looked impressive. Just good Kennedy for proving he belongs talent-wise.

2 guys who should never top a card though. seriously.

Only when they’re fighting power punchers.


Variations of the pic never get old. 

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